$4,000 to be paid to the winner if TROBIS qualified or 50% ($2,000) to the first horse past the post in the 2nd to 5th.


$1,000 to be paid to the 2nd TROBIS qualified horse past the post in 2nd to 5th placing.


Private purchaser’s nomination fee: $1,200, which must be paid no later than 24 hours prior to acceptances.

Horses sold through Alice Springs Turf Club or Darwin Turf Club: Purchaser $900, which must be paid no later than 24 hours prior to acceptances.

An early nomination fee of $300: for the progeny of Northern Territory Broodmares.

The definition of Northern Territory Broodmares is: ‘A Broodmare which, at the time of foaling, has, as a minimum, 50 per cent Northern Territory residents owners.’ All early nominations for progeny of Northern Territory Broodmares must be received and the appropraite fees paid by 31 July is the season after the horse to be nominated was foaled (prior to the horse turning 2YO).

Any Nomination for TROBIS must be made prior to the horse turning 4 years of age.


All TROBIS races are identified in the racing program.

Horses not qualified for TROBIS may run in TROBIS bonus races, but are ineligible to receive bonuses.

TROBIS nomination forms are available from the offices of Thoroughbred Racing NT.

To be eligible for nomination, horses must have a minimium 25 per cent Northern Territory ownership or lease holding.

Horses nominated for TROBIS will be eligible to win advertised bonuses whilst they are 2, 3 and 4 years old.


Any nomination may, at the discretion of the TROBIS Executive Committee, be rejected without assigning any reason.

Notwithstanding the above, the TROBIS nomination for any horse must be received and the correct fee paid prior to the time set down for nominations for its first race start in the Northern Territory.

Should a dead heat occur in a TROBIS race, the bonus will be shared equally between such horses.

The TROBIS nominator’s payment will be made to the current owner (Manager) as per the Australian Register of Racehorses or registered lease document.

Should a nominator (owner or vendor) supply incorrect information on the TROBIS nomination form, the nomination will be null and void and all fees paid will be forfeited.

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