ROANT Profile

The Racehorse Owners Association Northern Territory (ROANT) represents racehorse owners and trainers in Northern Territory. ROANT is considered to be the official voice and represents its members in relation to industry matters. It liaises with the Darwin Turf Club (DTC), Thoroughbred Racing Northern Territory (TRNT) and other racing and government bodies to ensure that racing’s decision-makers always consider the best interests of owners and trainers.

ROANT’s objective and purpose is to foster, promote and encourage racehorse ownership and participation in thoroughbred horse racing. As our Association grows stronger through a larger membership base, we expect that we will truly represent the majority of thoroughbred racehorse owners and trainers with members including all regional areas of the Northern Territory.

With more members, better representation and communication will provide improved benefits and ensure that Owners, Trainers and Jockeys involved in racing in the Territory receive maximum value from membership.

Members of ROANT,  can enjoy a range of benefits as their organisation builds a better future for the industry in the Northern Territory.

Support the organization that represents owners and join now.